2B AIR s.a.s.
griglie e accessori per ventilazione, edilizia, casa, arredamento e caminetti
Via C. Treves 17/19 20090 Trezzano S/N -MI- Italy Tel. +39.02.87395974 - Fax. +39.02.87396035 - info@2bair.it - P.IVA 03569330966
2B air sas was founded in 2002 in Assago on the entrepreneurial spirit of the brothers Barbara and Matteo Burzio with the company name 2B La tranciatura e bending sas.
Despite being a small artisan company, it establishes itself as a leading company in the production of vents, grills and accessories for ventilation, air conditioning and fireplaces.
In 2011, a transfer of the administrative and production headquarters became essential, due to the lack of space necessary to further develop the business, to the current headquarters in Trezzano sul Naviglio.
Thanks to many years of know-how and its technology, it guarantees solutions at the highest levels, producing with high quality materials and standards.
It distributes quickly and efficiently in Italy and Europe.
In addition to the entire range of standard products, there is the possibility of creating customized products to meet specific needs. This allows 2B air to collaborate with the main manufacturers of fireplaces and stoves, multinational ventilation companies, companies in the nautical and camper sectors.
The structure is able to respond in an elastic way to multiple needs of light carpentry and assembly by intervening actively from the design to the final production.