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griglie e accessori per ventilazione, edilizia, casa, arredamento e caminetti
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Grilles and accessories for fireplaces, stoves and building
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Supply grille

Supply grille with shutter

Ventilation grille

Ventilation grille with shutter

Supply grille with shutter and sideways pipe

Fixed louvers grille with bottom pipe

Supply grille with horizontal adjustable louvers

Ventilation fixed louvers grille

Grille for circular mantel

Ventilation valves

Single linear slot grille

Linear grille

Grille with filter

Return air grille

Extruded alluminium grille

Ventilation grille with net for circular duct

Louvers ventilation grille for circular duct

Louvers ventilation grille for circular dict with spring

Ventilation grille

Square ventilaton grille with corcular duct adapter

Ventilation grille with shutter

Ventilation grille with shutter and circular adapter

Grille with fan

Grille with fan and sideways pipe

Kit hot air transfer

Tower centrifugal fan

Tower centrifugal fan

Hot air distribution systems

Circular regulation damper

Circular regulation damper with servo

Overpressure damper

Ventilation grille with manual remote controller


Insulated flexible dict

Aluminium flexible duct

Duct coupling



3 ways adapter

Accessories for fireplces and stoves

Gas meter shelding cabinet

Pellet loading door